Guide How to JailBreak Your DROID X by Motorola.

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  • Dylan Yinger

    I bought the droid x from a friend who recently had an upgrade. He paid for the phone fully. He has disactivated it and it is in a defalt mode. I have click on the small droid guy to activate. I would like to know if i can get by this and just use it as an mp3?

    • alexus

      You need to jailbreak your Droid X and after that look into some custom ROMs, they’re usually won’t force you into try to activate your phone.

    • linuxgnome

      if you tap the four corners of the phone it will bypass the activation
      if that doesn’t work start at the top left corner and drag your finger corner to corner and that will do it

  • Patty Wilkins

    My friend gave me her droid x cell phone, and reset the phone. She had it threw version and I have sprint,. Is there anyway I can jailbreak/root (I don’t know what it’s called). So that I can use the phone under my sprint account with my number. I know nothing about how to do. If there is a way could u help me do it or send me to the right path to do it?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my question.

    • alexus

      If your Droid X came from Sprint then it’ll work on Sprint and Sprint only. You dont even need to jailbreak/root it for you to use it.

  • pamela

    how do i jail brake my verizon motorola droid x so i can put it on straight talk prepaid?

  • sam

    I’m frm India, i got a droid x from USA which is happened to be a cdma handset. i need to use it at as a normal phone here… will it be possible???
    thanks for ur tym

    • alexus

      If your carrier supports CDMA handsets then YES!

  • saaay

    I got a the same phone as the ones stating for help .my dad is on verizon and im with metro hw can i break it to use it for metro .


    • alexus

      I don’t really see anywhere “stating for help”, but as far as your phone goes, it might not be compatible with your provider, you should reach out to your provider and ask them that question.