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iOS 5.1.1

MD5 (absinthe-linux-2.0.4.tar.bz2) = dcec3a5aee4ed26ca9387167a705a729
MD5 (absinthe-mac-2.0.4.dmg) = 70dad4f0fb780c845101354c88880952
MD5 ( = 7fbbb6d362d57078dfce72f21cb2e40d

iOS 5.0.1 (4S/iPad2)

MD5 (absinthe-linux-0.4.tar.gz) = d4a233b1ce6a7c9eab748bba9597160b
MD5 ( = d0fc25b19988b9a1c7770e56fa389662
MD5 ( = f010639f81bd2f5e65eb3279df46e02f

  • FYI: (shorten, share and track your links) flags every url that linked to a file sharing sites such as rapidshare (where greenpois0n is currently hosted), to check integrity of a file you should use md5 tool and compare against above string and/or against what’s provided at a developer’s website.